Fox High School Talent Show 2017

Talent show winner Ethan Kovalenko, senior.

Courtesy of Velouria Grace

Talent show winner Ethan Kovalenko, senior.

Jacob Gross, Staff Writer

The talent show was sponsored by Fox Choir.  The show’s format was similar to “The Tonight Show,” which was humorous with all different types of monologues, audience participation games, skits, contestant interviews, and performances.  The host at the Talent Show was Zack Brown. The night before the talent show, there was a dress rehearsal for all the participants. Thirteen students were scheduled to compete and there was a performance by Amond Prater, a Fox teacher and head wrestling coach. The acts included singers, bands, dancers, guitarists, pianists, and a student who performs yo-yo tricks. The Talent Show lasted an hour and a half.  All the proceeds went towards expenses for the Varsity Choir’s “Music in the Parks” competition trip to Louisville, Ky., in May 2018. The Fox choirs are directed by Lydia Hill and assisted by Kevin Nicoletti and Eric Henson.

Overall, my experience this year at the talent show was a lot of fun. It was awesome!  It was well worth the $5.00 in advance or $7.00 at the door.  A lot of the acts this year were singing and I enjoyed listening to all the participants perform their acts. Each performer’s act lasted about two-to-three minutes long, and they were judged by five judges, including faculty members and Fox graduates.

I would recommend attending the talent show next year and watching all the performers.