Ping Pong Club practices for upcoming tournament


Cassidy Waigand

Micah Munson, sophomore, plays ping-pong with a fellow club member.

Ping-Pong Club will be hosting a tournament on December 7, 2017, after school in the front hallway, and anyone is allowed to come join. Even though ping-pong is a sport in the Olympics, if you do not know how to play, or you are a beginner, the basic rules and objectives are fairly simple. A player’s goal is to get to 11 points before their opponent. Before, the goal was 21 points, but the rules have changed slightly recently. In a traditional tournament, the player who wins three sets against an opponent is the victor. As for the rules, there are a couple things a player has to do during the game. They can not let the ball bounce more than once on their side, but they also can not hit it until it has bounced once. They are also trying to hit the ball over a net and onto the opponent’s side of the table. If either of the players fails to do one of these things, then the other player gets a point. The players also take turns serving the ball. A player serves twice before their opponent serves.

“We usually play to twenty-one. It’s kind of like tennis,” Sarah Killian, the sponsor of Ping-Pong Club, said. Killian, along with many of the students, has attended the club for a while. “I started coming two years ago. I think this is my third year. My juniors had just started the club and it was brand new at Fox,” Killian said. “I’ve gone every single week for two years and now I am the sponsor.” Not all of the people in Ping-Pong Club started playing at Fox, though.

“I have a Ping-Pong table at my house, so finding a way I could do it at school was something I looked forward to,” sophomore Micah Munson said.

“I use to go to church to play ping-pong, and when I heard we had a club I started going here,” Jay Wilson, sophomore, said.

Even if the students in Ping-Pong Club did or didn’t start at Fox, however, they all agree that it has a good atmosphere. Killian thought that the best part of Ping-Pong Club was “hanging out with my students. It’s not about ping-pong,” she said.

“I love playing the game. It’s also really fun to talk to friends while playing,” Michael Cutler, sophomore, said. He also added that “going against your friends [and] proving yourself to show that your training has paid off” was another reason he loved ping-pong.

“My favorite part of Ping-Pong [Club] would be that you get to play with people and have social interactions,” Wilson said, “I enjoy the club because I get to play with all of my friends, like Michael Cutler.”

“Just playing is fun, and also maybe beating Mrs. Killian,” Stephan Jankovich, senior, said.

With the approaching tournament though, the club members are preparing for the challenge, and each of them has their own way of preparing. “I play against myself. I have a ping-pong table that I can flip one side up,” Munson said as he talked about how he normally practices. For the tournament though, he is planning on practicing even more. “I am going to keep playing my mom and dad because they are both really good”. Like him, Wilson also plans on practicing more for the upcoming tournament.

“I am hosting [the tournament], so I’ll learn how to keep score better. That’s my job. I’ll be the scorekeeper,” Killian said. As for practicing the game, however, she said, “I don’t need to practice. I’m a legend.”

As a whole, the Ping-Pong Club encourages more students will join. “Anyone at the school can show up on December 7 and play in the tournament,” Munson said, and while the club members are hopeful that the tournament will draw many students, they also encourage people to come on a regular basis. “Absolutely, it’s a great environment and a lot of fun,” Munson said when asked if he would recommend the club to others.

“If you want to have a good time playing a game and talking to friends then come,” Cutler said, agreeing that Ping-Pong Club would be fun for every student.

“Yeah, I would recommend Ping-Pong club. You get to practice for a sport and a little exercise,” Wilson said.

“I would highly recommend it 4.5/5,” Killian said. After this, both Jankovich and Killian thought of a phrase to encourage people to join. “‘Just do it!’” they said, quoting Shia LaBeouf.