Helping people one meal at a time

Renaissance Club is collecting food for the Arnold Food Pantry


Courtesy of Renaissance Club

Maddie Johnson, 12, carries donation boxes to be delivered to the Arnold Food Pantry.

Cassidy Waigand, Staff Writer

In order to better the community, the Renaissance Club is collecting food for the Arnold Food Pantry from November 15 to November 21 and they are asking students to help. The club will accept any nonperishable food item or a donation of one dollar to send to the food pantry. In turn, the food pantry will, “put them [the food] on their horribly depleting shelves,” senior Mark Bodine said. The collection is taking place as Thanksgiving draws closer, and as Bodine explained, “they are having a huge Thanksgiving donation on the twenty-second so that people have enough food for their Thanksgiving dinners.”

The food drive is arranged like a competition, even though a challenge against Seckman could not be worked out in time. Students will receive tickets in return for the food and money they bring in during advisory. At the end of the week, the name of the person who collected the most tickets in each advisory will be given to members of the Renaissance Club. These people will have the possibility of throwing a pie into a teacher’s face at a Fox vs Seckman basketball game. However, students who do not have an advisory will still be able to donate. “If they donated straight to Mrs. Stroisch’s room and 122 we could put their name on the back of the tickets and they could also get in on the incentive that we have,” Bodine said.

If students miss the food drive, that does not mean that they can no longer donate to the food pantry or help the community. The Arnold Food Pantry will still take donations even after the drive ends. “I’ve spoken with the director, and if you just bring up things directly to the food pantry, they’re not going to turn you away,” Bodine said. The Arnold Food Pantry is located at 2024 Key West Dr. Arnold, MO 63010 for anyone who would like to donate after the drive.

Besides this, students can also take part in other activities planned by Renaissance in order to help the community and the school. “Renaissance has a bunch of stuff that we do. I know that our staff appreciation is trying to get student volunteers after school to help the janitors clean up faster because they’re so understaffed. We have a bunch of ways that you can [help], simple stuff like you can go up to your bus driver and say thank you,” Bodine said. Mrs. Stroisch added that the club is also helping out with Jump Rope for Heart this year.

Why is the Renaissance Club even arranging activities like the food drive? “Renaissance is trying to change and better our community and we feel like the first step in doing that is to help those that are struggling the most. Especially people who have kids. They shouldn’t have to worry about not being able to provide for their kids who will in turn hopefully continue to better our community when Renaissance has up and moved on,” Bodine said. “I feel like, that, everyone always complains that their community isn’t the best. If something happens it’s always pushed off onto who’s responsible for it when really, if you’re in a community everyone is responsible for everything that happens in that community.”