Comic Con will bring geek culture to Fox

The Comic Con will offer Pathfinder Society pen and paper games, miniature painting, and other geeky fun!

Courtesy of Kyle Blaes

The Comic Con will offer Pathfinder Society pen and paper games, miniature painting, and other geeky fun!

Jacob Gross, Staff writer

The first ever Comic Con will be held in the commons and gym on February 17, 2018, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The two individuals that I interviewed for the Comic Con were Mrs. Smith and Mr. Sigette here at Fox. Comic Con International is a multigenre entertainment and comic convention held annually in San Diego, California. Fox High School references the Comic Con that is held in San Diego and other comic-cons around the United States as examples for their own Comic Con held at Fox.

Mr. Sigette is no way into comic, but he has not read a comic book since he was about  12. He never really enjoyed reading comic books. Mr. Sigette does love science fiction; fantasy books and movies. To him, Comic Con is for the kids. Teaching here a few short years has shown him that there are so many interests that students have besides attending sporting events and dances. There is a whole subculture of “nerds” that would love an event they would enjoy. He would also like to see a music festival here someday to get our non-band related musicians an opportunity to perform. That might be a few years away, however, Ms. Smith and Mr. Sigette are not trying to plan this for “US” both of them want to create an event that kids will love.

Mr. Sigette hopes to see a lot of Cosplay. He is also excited about hosting a Family Feud game show here at Fox. Mr. Sigette’s fears that Fox will spend a lot of time planning and that only a few people will show up. However, if only a few individuals show up, both Mrs. Smith and Mr. Sigette will try and make the event fun that day and everything will be worth the effort. They are going to have miniature games, paint and take minis, game demos, and vendors selling things. Miniature games are kind of similar to chess but on a bigger scale. Current vendors include Bodach’s Games and Game Nite. Guests include the local STARFLEET chapter, the USS Umiak, of the official Star Trek Fan Club.