Silent night, silent stations?

Christmas music all-year round is not that bad

Kyra Eswaran, Staff Writer

As Christmas sneaks up on us each year, the Christmas music debate rekindles itself. When is it officially acceptable to play Christmas music?

I love Christmas. I love seeing the pretty lights, baking Christmas cookies, giving gifts, and most of all, I love Christmas music. If I had it my way, Christmas music would play on the radio throughout the entire year. However, I understand that for almost everyone else in the world, overplayed Christmas music can ruin the holiday spirit. Because there is a fine line between an acceptable amount and an unbearable amount of Christmas music, this semi-heated debate surfaces every holiday season.

Many people decide to start playing Christmas music in their cars and homes as soon as Halloween passes, but others think that is way too early, and won’t play it until after Thanksgiving. These people feel that by playing Christmas music throughout the month of November, we overlook Thanksgiving as a holiday. Moreover, there is the argument that a prolonged Christmas season makes the holiday seem less special.

Considering these arguments, I think it’s safe to say that it is acceptable to play Christmas music after Thanksgiving. Even though I personally see no issue with playing this type of music year-round, I understand where a large portion of the population is coming from. Each person has the right to play whatever style of music they like no matter what season it is, so don’t rain on somebody else’s Christmas music parade.