Fox’s New Faces: Mrs. Renee McFarland

Cassidy Waigand, Staff Writer

A 2010 graduate of Fox, Renee McFarland started her job as the eleventh-grade secretary at the start of this year.

As the secretary, McFarland partakes in many tasks throughout the day. “I keep track of the attendance for students who are sick, if they are skipping, if they have to leave early. I handle entering their referral for write ups for discipline for Mr. Salsman, and calling down the students for him to give the discipline to.  Keeping track of who has after schools, lunch detentions, ISS, and things like that. Sending emails and requests that Mr. Salsman needs help with, and talking to parents a lot on the phone,” McFarland said.

While McFarland loves being back at Fox High School, she has been attending University of Missouri St. Louis in the hopes of going into the teaching side of education. “I keep switching my major back and forth from elementary education to secondary education because I don’t know what I want to teach, so I still have a few credits left, but I just have to decide what I want to teach,” she explained. Even though she is still working towards her future career, McFarland said, “I’m a Fox graduate so when I saw the job opening I decided to take it.” She went on to add that, “I just had a good experience in high school. I played sports. I just liked being a part of the Fox family, so I came back.”

The hardest part of her job, McFarland said, “is that there are certain things that students go through that you can’t change and that’s pretty tough.”

Overall though McFarland is very happy with her job here at Fox, she said, “I like not being the student aspect of it. I had a great experience here, but I like kind of being on the other end of it. The principals are great, the staff is great, everyone is super welcoming. The students have actually been super respectful, so it has been nice. I love it.”