Donating to save lives

STUCO will be hosting a blood drive at school on February 16.

Cassidy Waigand, Staff Writer

On February 16, 2018 STUCO will be holding a blood drive at the high school from eight am to two thirty pm. The group hosts this blood drive once a year in the hopes of helping those in need.

The drive will be held on a Friday, and student’s will be able to “get to sign up for their own shifts,” Summer Smith, sophomore, said. Smith and her committee are coordinating the blood drive this year and are hoping for a large turnout of students.

“We have a lower goal this year because we didn’t get that many people to sign up last year,” Smith said, explaining that while they can take 156 donors, their goal is 78.

For those at Fox who are interested in donating, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Smith said that donors need to “make sure they don’t have low iron, and basically you have to be over 110 pounds, or you will have a reaction. A lot of times you just throw up really bad,” overall though, she said that “they just need to be worried about that type of stuff. Make sure they eat in the morning before they come and donate so they don’t have a reaction and drink a lot of water.”

When asked if she could think of any reason a student shouldn’t donate, Smith said, “There is not really any reason. I mean unless you don’t meet the requirements then yeah you should not donate because it will give you a reaction, but other than that it’s actually a really good cause.”

Another problem discussed was a fear of needles, which some who are considering donating could struggle with. Smith said that while needles can be scary, people who plan on donating should follow through with their plan, but if a student is too scared she advised them not to donate.

However, for students who do face this fear, and for students who do not, it is rewarding to think about the difference that is being made by donating blood. Smith stated that one bag of blood could help three people, and so donating is important because “every 2 seconds somebody in the EOC is needing blood, so it’s just kind of to help keep our people alive,” she said.

For students who are interested in learning more about donating, or for students who are unable to make it to the February 16th donation, the American Red Cross website offers helpful information under the ‘Give Blood’ tab. There students can “Find a Blood Drive”. They can also learn “About Donating Blood” which goes into detail about eligibility, the process, and the different kinds of donations a person can make.