Fox’s New Faces: Cassandra Heitman

Jason Kuhn, Staff Writer

Ms. Cassandra Heitman is a new freshman and senior English teacher in the special education department. This is her first year teaching, and in the past, she has subbed at Ridgewood and Sherwood. She went to Central Methodist University where she majored in special education and got her degree. Her favorite subject is math even though she never taught math but her mom teaches math at the middle school. She coaches wrestling cheerleading with her mom.

When asked how she feels about Fox, she says,”I love Fox. The students are great, the staff is amazing, very welcoming… I’ve just felt very welcomed. I have a lot of people helping me through my first year of teaching. I mean, it’s a great district and it’s a great school and I’m happy to be here and I plan on sticking around for a while.”