Giving Change To Make A Change.

The change for a change competition pitted grade levels against each other to see who could raise the most money for their charity in a winner takes all battle, during lunch from February 5 to February 9, 2018. The donation was structured this way in order to get “the classes against each other because that usually gets people to be like ‘Oh I want my class to win’” freshman Emily Mattler said.

Each grade level had a different charity that they were supporting. The freshman class gave donations to BackStoppers, while the sophomores donated to the Children’s Miracle Network. The juniors gave to the Stray Rescue of St. Louis, and seniors gave to the Ronald McDonald House.

Overall, the goal freshman Hanah Ramirez said, was about fifty dollars. Mattler then said, “whatever class wins, all the money will go to their charity…, so it’ll just be one charity that it’s going to.”

Ramirez explained why the donations, in the end, will only go to one charity. “Well we didn’t really expect to get a lot… because it’s like change that we’re accepting and not like ‘oh we’re going to raise 100 bucks’, but it’s just going to one because we’re weren’t really expecting to raise a lot but it’s still going to a good cause.”

Mattler added that it was also done to kind of go along with the competition spirit.

So although the donations at the school are currently over, and the class winner will be announced sometime this week, students can still donate to any of these organizations. Ramirez talked about the importance of donating when she said, “I think it’s important because each has a good purpose of why we are donating to them.”

BackStoppers supports the families of firefighters, police officers, and others who protect those in the community who have sacrificed their lives while fulfilling their jobs of helping others. Over the years the organization has helped over 160 families, by giving families $10,000 after the death of a loved one. After the initial contribution, BackStoppers aids the families of fallen heroes. Students can donate to this charity by going to .

Children’s Miracle Network raises money to help children in need since insurance does not always cover the costs of treatments and care. They have raised and donated over $5 billion dollars. Students can see more about those they have helped by going to and can donate at .

The Stray Rescue of St. Louis takes abused, neglected, and abandoned animals off of the streets to ensure that none of these animals who have already faced difficult lives end up euthanized. To learn more about this no-kill rescue organization, students can go to and to donate they can go to .

The Ronald McDonald House helps take financial strains off families who have sick children who need medical attention. They offer help to people in over 64 countries. To learn more, students can visit and to donate, students can go to and click the donate button.