The thing about class rings

Jason Kuhn, Staff Writer

Class rings. I wasn’t even thinking about them until we had an assembly where they really sold the things. I was leaving and I was thinking “Wow, class rings really tell your story and are a part of you and your high school career. So I have to get one!” Seriously, they probably could have sold a Samsung to Steve Jobs.

But then later that night when I was customizing my ring and I went to order it, it cost around 400 dollars. Seriously? My ring had all the cheapest options and it still came out that high priced. Now I’m starting to rethink this whole class ring thing. Are they worth it?

They are certainly very nice rings with tons of personalization options and all this fancy stuff, but does it really tell your story?

Other than my high school story no. And quite frankly, I don’t want to remember much of the awkward time that is high school. Sure, I have some great memories with some great people, but in the end, high school is mainly stress and deadlines and annoying people and sadness.

Plus, would I even wear it much after high school? I don’t wear much jewelry except my watch and even then, I wear that rarely. Would this four hundred dollar ring just end up collecting dust on a shelf in my room? A ring that cost that much shouldn’t end up with that kind of fate.

I am also very worried about ring sizing. What if my fingers outgrow the ring? Then I just spent $100 plus dollars on a ring that fit me for a year.

To buy the ring, or to not buy the ring. Who knows what I’ll do.