Warrior Idol tonight!

The Fox High School choir program is holding the annual Warrior Idol competition tonight. The hosts will be Amond Prater and Stephanie Starkey.

The cost for the Warrior Idol tickets is $5.00 in advance $7.00 at the door. The competition will be held at Rickman Auditorium at 7:00 PM. The judges are Daniel Jackson, Keith Jean, Rebecca Shipley, and Sophie Shugart. The students will be able to make their own votes as to who will win Warrior Idol’s Fan Favorite. The students are able to vote on Twitter by using the contestant’s first name with the hashtag #WarriorIdol2018.

The people who are singing in the Warrior Idol tonight are Seth Balven, Cece Bloethner, Mateo Bluemel,  Andrew Craven,  Regan Crisler,  Carlin Doherty,  Gabbi Isaacson,  Randall Johnson,  Montana Meyer,  William Neal,  Kassidy Raney, and  Logan Starkey.

Sophomore Kassidy Raney will be singing “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” She’s been singing since she was so little that she can’t remember when she started. “Singing is my escape, and I use it to express myself,” Raney said. This will be her second year performing in Warrior Idol and she decided to try out because she loves performing songs for a crowd.

Sophomore Carlin Doherty will be performing “Toxic” by Britney Spears. “I’ve always been singing since I was young,” Doherty said. This is her second year performing at Warrior Idol. She likes to sing because it gives her a unique hobby. She decided to participate in Warrior Idol this year because she likes the spirit of the competition.

Senior Andrew Craven will be singing “Year 3000” by The Jonas Brothers. This is his first time participating in Warrior Idol and he tried out to help other kids pay for their choir trip. Craven has been singing since his childhood. “I think singing helps me relate to things in a different way and it calms me down,” Craven said.

Senior Montana Myer will be performing “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys. This is her second time participating in Warrior Idol, as she previously performed her sophomore year. She has been singing in the school’s choir program throughout middle and high school. Meyer did not return our request for comment by the deadline.

Senior Regan Crisler is performing “Skyscraper” by Demi Lovato and “Misguided Ghost” by Paramore for the competition. Crisler has been singing since she was three years old, and this will be her first year competing in Warrior Idol. “It’s really like a release,” Crisler said regarding singing. “You can get everything out easily without prying.” Crisler says that she is very excited for the event and hopes to place well.

Senior Randall Johnson will be performing “Under the Bridge” by Red Hot Chili Peppers and “If You Don’t Mind” for the competition. Johnson “grew up in a musical family,” he said. “My mom would always play music while I sang around the house when I was young, and it has always stuck with me.”

Sophomore Gabrielle Isaacson will be performing “Dynasty” by M.I.A and “Most Girls” by Hailey Steinfeld. Isaacson has been singing since she was three years old. “I decided to try out because I love opportunities to put myself on stage,” Isaacson said.

Sophomore Mateo Bluemel will be performing “Mercy” by Shawn Mendes and “Keep Your Head Up” by Andy Grammer. Bluemel has been singing since the fourth grade, and says that his interest in music developed quickly. “At first I wasn’t planning on trying out, but some friends bet me to do it and I thought, ‘Why not?’” he said.

Junior Seth Balven will be singing “Here in the Real World” by Alan Jackson. He will then perform “Things Change” by Dwight Yoakam if he is selected for the second round of the competition. Balven has been singing for years, but he “got into traditional country western music about four years ago.” His passion for this style of music was one factor in his decision to try out for the competition. “I just love singing my kind of music. I’ll sing it anywhere,” Balven said. Even though his passion for singing goes back many years, this is his first year performing in Warrior Idol.

Senior Logan Starkey will be performing “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele for his first song. “[T]hen if I make the second round I’ll do ‘The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage,’” by Panic! At The Disco Starkey said. Singing has been a part of Starkey’s life for a long time. He recalls singing as far back as kindergarten when he would sing karaoke with his sister. Since then, he has pursued this musical hobby. In fact, he has even partaken in Warrior Idol for the past four years.

Senior Cecelia Bloethner will be performing “Check Yes Juliet” by We The Kings, and if she advances to the second round of the competition, she will be singing “This is Gospel.” by Panic! At The Disco. Bloethner described her decision to try out as a kind of impulse decision. She said it was a moment where “you just decide to do something and then you’re like ‘wait did I actually just do that?’”  Her history of singing is found throughout most of her life from when she sang primarily for fun, to when she joined choir in eighth grade,  up to the present. Bloethner believes that singing is “a form of expression that you can’t really get whenever you talk to people. It’s art, it’s beauty, and I love it.”

Senior William Neal will be singing “Still on my Brain” by Justin Timberlake and will then sing “The Last Goodbye” by Billy Boyd if he makes it into the second round. Neal has participated in Warrior Idol three times, and his final chance to compete means a lot to him. “I wasn’t able to do the talent show last semester because my grades weren’t really good but now that I have found out that my grades are good this semester, which I’m very proud of doing that, and when I found out Warrior Idol tryouts were coming up, I was like ‘okay this is my opportunity to try out and hopefully I will make it.’ And I did and I really want this performance to be all worthwhile,” he said while explaining why he decided to try out. To Neal, music and singing is a hobby, as well as a form of expression. He said that he may listen to music based on his emotions, finding songs to sing along to that reflect them at the time.