Cosmetics Club hope to grow involvement

Cassidy Waigand, Staff Writer

Cosmetics club will be meeting the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at 2:30 p.m. in room 304 in order to discuss and to practice using different kinds of cosmetics.

The club encourages students to come and look at the club.

“I definitely hope that we get more people to come join and check it out,” senior Serenity Brich said. Even if a student doesn’t know much about cosmetics, she added, the club members would be happy to answer their questions and help them learn.

Freshman Grace Delgado added that newcomers are welcome because some current club members are new and still learning about cosmetics too. “[W]e’re all learning together sort of,” she said.

Delgado went on to explain what the club is planning on doing. “We’re probably just going to do like our own makeup. We’re probably going to bring our own makeup and do like all different types of makeups to get anyone interested in it.” She also added that the club help students learn to do different kinds of makeup styles for things such as plays.

Besides this, Brich said she hopes the club will be able to do “more activities and things for the school that could have involvement with makeup.”

When asked if newcomers had to bring their own supply of makeup, Delgado said that wouldn’t be necessary. “I was going to try and do some substitutions for it cause I found one online,” she said, adding that there is “a lot you can just improvise with.”

Brich said the hardest parts of cosmetics involved cleanup and the difficulty involved with doing certain styles and things in cosmetics. “[S]ometimes it’s hard to get what you want especially if you’re like a person that doesn’t like making mistakes,” Brich said.

Along with this, Delgado added that the cost of some products is an issue. She also added that a steady hand is important and that it takes practice lots of practice to get things right sometimes. “If it looks bad you try again and try again until you get it right,” she said.

Overall though, both Brich and Delgado feel that there are many wonderful things associated with cosmetics. Delgado said her favorite part of cosmetics is that “you can make it horrifying and make it look like a nice, flawless, cut crease and whatnot, and like, just what you can do with it.”