Senior Spotlight: Jessica Wynn

Kyra Eswaran, Staff Writer

Senior Jessica Wynn has spent her entire academic career in the Fox C-6 district. Wynn attended Meramec Heights Elementary and Ridgewood Middle School. Out of her several years spent in the district, Wynn said that her most memorable year has been her senior year. “This year has been absolutely amazing because I’ve been so involved in so many activities that I love,” Wynn said. Wynn’s advice for all underclassmen is to get involved because the people interested in the same activities as you are the types of people you can become great friends with.

After she graduates this spring, Wynn plans to pursue an associate’s degree at Jefferson College through the A+ Program,  and then finish her bachelor’s at Missouri State University. As of now, she plans on majoring in Early Childhood Education.

During her junior and senior years, Wynn has been a part of the Jefferson College Area Technical School. Through this program, Wynn attends classes at Fox during the morning, then spends her afternoons either taking courses at Jeffco or getting hands-on experience in a classroom at Fox Elementary School.

“Taking classes at Jeffco has definitely helped prepare me for my career because when I graduate, I’ll have enough experience to work in a daycare.”

Out of the senior activities scheduled this semester, Wynn said she is looking forward to prom the most. Although she is excited to graduate, Wynn said that she will miss all of the friends she has made and all of the activities she’s participated in.