Fundraising for FBLA

Cassidy Waigand, Staff Writer

After much planning, FBLA sold donuts on Friday, March 16 in order to fund an upcoming State tournament.

On Friday morning FBLA, or Future Business Leaders of America, had many tasks to accomplish.  “We have somebody picking up the donuts at six o’clock sharp. They have to be here by six thirty. So we bring all the donuts in, and we’re going to separate the ones that have not been sold yet onto carts so they can take them out in different areas amongst the school, and the ones that have been prepaid for. Those are in Mrs. Hummer’s room. We’ll have kids there where they can come and get them if they already paid for them, or like some of the teachers haven’t paid for theirs yet but we’ll deliver it to their classroom and they’ll pay for them that morning,” sponsor Tonya Tedder said.

For people who may have missed the event, this will be the only time this year FBLA sells donuts. “We can only have five days in a school year to where you sell something that is not ‘nutritious,’” Tedder said. Due to this, even though FBLA use to do a donut sale monthly, the sale on March 16 will be their only one for the year.

The sale is going to help fund FBLA’s upcoming State tournament which some of the group members will be competing in. This is just one fundraiser FBLA will be doing because “our money has been cut this year to where we don’t get extra money, so we have to come up with extra fundraisings, so this is one of our fundraisers that we’re doing,” Tedder said.

The state tournament for FBLA is big with over 200 things to compete in. “Everything from public speaking, business math, sports management, marketing,” Tedder said. She explained that the state tournament will be in Springfield Missouri this year, and when the group goes they will have to go and compete at specific times. There are also “tons of different workshops for them, things like that. There’s a lot of opportunities for them there,” Tedder said. If the FBLA students do well enough, they will advance onto the national level of tournaments.

Anyone can join FBLA, but it would be preferred for students to have had a business class. FBLA is a student led club that tries to meet one a month, and they do different philanthropic activities. “We’ve done bake sales. It depends on what we can do according to the guidelines of schools. We’ve went to nursing homes, and we’ve even decorated different things for them to put on their doors and various things. So there’s different things we’ve done. It doesn’t have to involve collecting money,” Tedder said.