The adventure of a lifetime

Cassidy Waigand, Staff Writer

Foreign language teachers Holly Cover and Sarah Zaits-Rushing are planning an eight day trip to France and Spain. This trip, which is through Education First Tours, will take place sometime in June of 2018.

Cover and Zaits-Rushing hope to leave for the trip June 13 and come back on June 20, 2018. However, the eight day trip could be scheduled as early as June 9, and it could also be pushed back to June 24.

During the eight day trip, students and chaperones will spend four days in Madrid, Spain and four days in Paris, France. In Spain, “we’re going to see the Plaza Mayor, the Palacio Real, (the royal palace), we’re going to the Prado Museum, and the ritiro park,” Zaits-Rushing said. She also added that students will visit “Toledo which is a walled ancient city.”

In France, students will also be able to experience various sites unique to the country. “[I]n France, we do Versailles which is, you know the royal palace of King Louis the 14, and then we’ll go to the Louvre Museum, the most famous museum in the world, the Arc De Triomphe, and the Eiffel Tower, and then a cruise down the Seine river,” Cover said. She also added that the Seine river is famous for a scene in Les Misérables and that the Arc De Triomphe was built over where the unknown soldier is buried.

Overall, both teachers believe the trip will be beneficial for students who attend. “It’s hard to put words to it, but since we both traveled in high school, it just makes you a different person,” Cover said “It really opens up your world. It lets you see where the history happens that you’ve studied. It helps you gain independence.”

Zaits-Rushing also pointed out that traveling helps students build confidence. “[Y]ou build so much confidence cause you learn so much about yourself, and you do things you didn’t think you could. You talk to people that you didn’t think you would, and you meet people. It’s such a big boost.” Besides this, she added that statistics show that young people who travel are commonly more successful in life.

Students who attend will also find that the trip will be a substantial aid when it comes to preparing for college. Students can participate in WeShare, a program that will allow them to earn three college credits on the trip for just $215. Students will also receive help from The Uncommon App. This resource will help students with college resumes and essays. When it comes to essay writing it will help students learn “how to highlight that experience that you had because we all do things, but you have to learn how to put it down on paper so that it highlights what you learned from it,” Cover said.

Zaits-Rushing has a friend who reads essays for different colleges. Because of this, Zaits-Rushing said, “you have to have something that stands out. You have to have something that makes someone go ‘oh this person is exceptionally better than everyone else’ and this Uncommon App helps you do that.”

There are six spots left for this trip, and it will cost  $4269 for students ($299 a month) and $4669 for adults who may want to attend. EF Tours offers three payment options for those who have signed up. The cost covers things such as breakfast and dinner, airfare, and a couple other things. People going on the trip however, will be responsible for paying for things such as passports, lunch, and airports baggage costs.

Those who want to go on the trip must enroll by March 30. EF Tours help students raise money through a donation page on their website. Besides this, Cover and Zaits-Rushing encourage parents hold fundraisers. “I always encourage them to form like a committee and do fundraising outside of school where they can work with restaurants, they can do gift wrapping, they can sell candles, they can do anything they want to, but I encourage them to do that,” Cover said.