Fox’s new faces: Stephanie Dakin


New teacher Stephanie Dakin

A.J. Aumann, Staff Writer

Stephanie Dakin has been teaching Algebra 1 and Language Arts 1 here for almost a year. This may be her first year teaching at Fox, but she has been teaching for 5 years since she got her degree. She previously taught for a few years in Kansas City and then moved to a middle school in St. Louis before coming here.

She started out as a math major and received her Bachelor’s degree from University of Nebraska at Omaha. She went on to graduate school and received her Master’s degree from University of Missouri-Kansas City.

She became a teacher because she was unsure of what she should do with her math degree, but she loves teaching math because it always presents new challenges. “It’s different every day and I find it exciting,” Dakin said.

Dakin said that she has loved her experience so far this year at Fox. She mentioned how much she likes the students and her coworkers, too. “I like it a lot here, it’s a good, strong community and there are lots of friendly kids,” Dakin said.