Battle of the bears

Girls soccer team faced Pacific Indians April 1, 20181 in their second annual Teddy Bear Toss

Cassidy Waigand, Staff Writer

Girls Soccer accepted donations of stuffed animals on Wednesday, April 11, 2018, at their annual Teddy Bear Toss. The team held this event so that the stuffed animals could later be given to Cardinal-Glennon Children’s Hospital.

The event began last year with the first Teddy Bear Toss collecting over five hundred stuffed animals for donation.

Team members Brace George and Lena Higgins explained that the girl’s soccer team came up with the idea of a Teddy Bear Toss while watching a similar event take place in a hockey video. It is now an event that the team plans on doing annually.

Donating, whether at the game or to Coach Dustin Schnable, is important because it impacts the lives of children who have to stay at Cardinal-Glennon Children’s Hospital for various reasons. Stuffed animals such as teddy bears make a difference because “it’s something to keep by their side while they’re going through these hard times,” Higgins said.

The team took their large collection of donated stuffed animal to the hospital the weekend after the game, so children will be receiving the large donation soon. Cardinal-Glennon Children’s Hospital is a non-profit hospital that is dedicated to helping children. The hospital consists of doctors from Saint Louis University’s School of Medicine. They have been ranked the best children’s hospital from 2017 to 2018 by U.S. News & World Report. For those who were unable to attend, but who would still like to donate, they can visit The girl’s soccer team also plans on continuing this event.