Industrial Arts State Competition


Jason Rodaway

Junior Garrett Tobias with his coffee table.

Jason Kuhn, Staff Writer

Making a walnut and oak wood coffee table isn’t easy. Junior Garrett Tobias who made such a coffee table for a state competition for his Industrial Arts class explains that “It’s a lot of tedious work… Definitely a lot of tedious work.” Not only does it take a lot of tedious work, it requires a lot of time. Tobias said,”We started about a month after second semester and I stayed almost every option of like after school, which is like every Tuesday and Thursday for like an hour and a half.”

Luckily he had some help from Industrial Arts teacher Jason Rodaway, who has been teaching since 1998.“Rodaway didn’t help me cut anything or anything like that but he would like give me… tips on like how to do stuff,” said Tobias.

Rodaway also helped students prepare for the competition in other ways than just the students’ projects. He said,”It’s a lot of mental. It’s asking them,’Do you wanna go to state? Do you want to put the extra effort in?’… It’s very similar to what you would see at a football game or basketball or track meet. It’s just mental preparation and attention to detail.”

Tobias chose to make a coffee table because,”Last year I made a TV stand and then this year I made a coffee table, and then next year I’m making two matching end tables, so I want like a full living room set, and I just want a really nice coffee table… for when I move out.”

On how much it cost to make, Tobias said,”I don’t know what the damage is yet, but it’s gonna up there. Probably around like two to three hundred dollars.” Considering how impressive looking the coffee table is, it’s well worth the price.

All the tedious work, extra hours, mentoring and preparing, came to fruition when Garrett Tobias along with seniors Jacob Reinagel and Thomas Kren got a 100% grade at the Industrial Arts State Competition and became State champions. Rodaway said,”I’m still smiling ear to ear, this is awesome. The biggest part is coming home state champs. I mean, it’s not just a single effort, it’s the entire crew.” When asked if he was happy with his 100%, Tobias says with a proud smile,”100%.”