Sprinting to state


Cassidy Waigand

Track members meet for practice before the upcoming Sectionals.

Cassidy Waigand, Staff Writer

Track members are meeting daily this week as they prepare for Sectionals, which will be held at Kirkwood Saturday, May 19, 2018 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., in the hopes that they will be able to advance to State.

Sectionals come after multiple meets and events, as the head coach for track and field Jennifer McCallister explained. “we’ve had about eleven or twelve meets,” she said, “then two weeks ago we had the conference meet which are all the Jefferson County schools and then last Saturday we had Districts which is kind of the beginning of our end of season playoffs so to speak.” From districts, “the top four finishers move on to sectionals,” McCallister said.

This year, there was a long list of athletes that are advancing to this weekend’s Sectionals. According to the morning announcements, Lindsay Poitras, Macyn Young, Sydney Young and Sydney Bauer will be in the 4X100 relay, and Sydney and Macyn young will also be competing in the open 200. Chase Waters will participate in the Shot Put, while Luke Hatfield Jackson will compete in the high jump, long jump, and triple jump. Ray Bonner, Ethan Webb, Cameron Niemeyer, and Jakob McMillin will be in the 4X800 relay, while Brayden Williams, Elygh Moore, Allen Unterreiner, and Darryl Krieger in the 4X200 relay. Williams and Moore will also be in the 4X100 relay with Darryl Krieger and Jake Gowen. Allen Unterreiner, Darryl Krieger, Jake Pisoni, and Jakob McMillin will be in the 4X400 relay. Finally, Amie Martin will participate in the 3200 run.

To prepare for Sectionals, athletes are meeting five days a week, according to McCallister. “From the time the season starts we practice five days a week and that’s continuing now for the athletes that are still moving on. They are still coming every day. Practices aren’t quite as long just because we don’t have as many athletes so we can kind of get out here and knock out the workout and then be done,” she said.

Besides attending practice daily, some athletes are taking additional steps to ensure that they are ready for Sectionals. Martin, who is running in the 3200, is one of these athletes. “I’ve gone into what I call clean eat mode, where I don’t eat any junk food; like, it’s all healthy,” she said. Besides eating healthy, Martin also said that she has begun drinking more water and stretching more frequently in order to prepare.

Some of the athletes, have made it to sectionals in the past. Martin for example, made it to Sectionals last year, and then moved onto state. “I got fourth place at sectionals last year, which is the last qualifying spot to get you in,” she said. Then, she received “tenth in class five which is two places away from the medal stand” when she went to State.

In the past however, only a few have made it to Sectionals, and then onto State, so it is McCallister’s goal to change that in coming years. Last year, McCallister said, more athletes made it to Sectionals and then State. “This year we’ve got quite a few going to Sectionals, I think the most in recent years, and then hoping to get more through to State. So we’ve kind of made it our new goal that every year we’re taking athletes to State,” she said.

For those interested in watching Sectionals, McCallister said that they should take place from 9-5. “[T]hey’ve actually revamped the schedule a little bit because of the heat. Typically it would have started at eleven, but they made it a little earlier so the athletes can run before it gets too, too hot,” she said. Then, for those who finish in fourth or above, State will be held in Jefferson City the following weekend.


The athletes competing are:

Sydney Bauer – 11

Ray Bonner – 12

Jake Gowen – 11

Luke Hatfield Jackson – 11

Darryl Krieger – 11

Amie Martin – 11

Jakob McMillin – 10

Elygh Moore – 10

Cameron Niemeyer – 11

Jake Pisoni – 10

Lindsay Poitras – 12

Allen Unterreiner – 12

Macyn Young – 11

Sydney Young – 11

Chase Waters – 11

Ethan Webb – 12

Brayden Williams – 11