Fox’s new faces: Sarah Aiello


Kathryn Rorie

New history teacher Sarah Aiello.

Kathryn Rorie, Staff Writer

Sarah Aiello is just beginning her first year of teaching. She teaches Pre-AP American History, U.S. History, and World History. Aiello attended Clayton High School in St. Louis County and received her degree from Mizzou in bachelors of science in secondary education: history. This is her very first year teaching, and she says she looks forward to getting to know her students, as well as her students getting to know her.

Aiello knew she wanted to teach from a young age, with both of her parents being teachers. She said she never seriously considered doing anything else. She said her dad inspired her to become a teacher because he has been teaching for thirty-four years. As a kid, she wanted to teach math, but then when she got to high school changed her focus over to history after she took an AP US history class that she really enjoyed.

Aiello is also enjoying many things about Fox High School, including block scheduling. She said she likes that she can go more in-depth with the lesson and only have a few classes each day. She said is “impressed with everyone’s curiosity” in the classroom and that she likes  “how helpful the staff is.”

However, Aiello says there are also some things she has to adjust to, like “learning two-hundred and seventeen names plus all the names of the staff members.” She also acknowledged that working through certain sources may difficult at times because of the “struggle of not having enough Chromebooks or books.”

All in all, Aiello said she is excited to start her teaching career here at Fox High School. She is looking forward to building relationships with both her students and fellow staff members. She also said she wants her students to remember to “set high goals and do what you need to do to do them.”