Students take on block scheduling

Kathryn Rorie, Staff Writer

There have been quite a few changes to Fox High School this school year. One change has been block scheduling. There has been quite a bit of talk amongst students about how it changes our school day for both better and worse.

“There’s only four classes a day,” freshman Madison McMahon said. “I can get a lot more work done. It is faster than having eight classes.”

On the other hand, some students disagree.

“Classes are too long,” junior Jesse Miles said. ”I lose focus too quickly.”

Looking at it from an educational standpoint, it has changed our days to be more efficient so that we can go more in-depth with the lesson. However, some students are still struggling to adjust to the new schedule, even if they seem to like it.

Miles says that even though the classes are long, he can get still his work done either in class or in Academic Lab. And while both agree that academic lab is helpful to students who need tutoring or who have lots of homework, McMahon said it can get long, especially if you don’t have much to work on.

“Personally, I don’t need as much time as is provided,” McMahon said. “I often do my homework at home. [However,] it is very helpful because you may need to study for a class.”

“[Academic Lab] helps because there are more resources you can use,” Miles said. “You can also get help from teachers.”

However, the long class periods can cause the lesson to run both over the scheduled time and under the scheduled time. McMahon said that her classes don’t often lead to downtime, but Miles disagrees.

“If you finish the lesson, there is nothing left to do,” Miles said. He says the teachers can get frustrated when they finish the lesson early.

Many students have conflicting opinions about how they’ve adjusted to the long classes.

McMahon said that she hasn’t had a problem adjusting to the block schedule. “It is just faster and easier to get through the day.”

Be that as it may be, Miles said it has been hard to adjust from past years. He said it was “hard especially because freshman and sophomore year weren’t block schedule.”

With that being said, they can both agree that there are some downsides to only having classes every other day.

“Some classes don’t work well all of the time,” McMahon said. “Like math. I may learn it in one class period but may forget when I’m home.”

Once more, the two have conflicting opinions as to whether or not block scheduling has served its purpose. Miles believes Academic Lab has served its purpose, while McMahon disagrees.

“Block scheduling has served its purpose,” McMahon said. “Teachers have a lot more time.”
Miles said block scheduling hasn’t really done much for him, but it may just be the courses he is taking.