New Beginnings

After 38 years, Owens-Skaggs will say good-bye

Elissa Kratz, Staff Reporter

The Fox High School community and staffing are sad to see the friendly face of Mrs. La Ticia Owens-Skaggs retire this year after 20 years in our staff and 38 years of teaching.

“I’m just trying to do what I have to do to try to be as helpful as I can to everyone,” Mrs. Owens-Skaggs said.

Mrs. Owens-Skaggs said that she had known since 8th grade that she wanted to be a P.E. teacher and track coach, just like her 8th grade P.E. teacher and track coach.

Prior to teaching at Fox High, Mrs. Owens-Skaggs taught elementary PE in Oklahoma.

Mrs. Owens-Skaggs expressed her sadness about leaving the staff by saying they are all like one big family.

“The people that I work with, we have great staff here and always have. Made a lot of good lifelong friends. I love the kids that we have here, a lot of them I have become friends with their parents and have got to known them pretty well and they have also become lifelong friends that I have now,” Mrs. Owens-Skaggs said.

Mrs.Owens-Skaggs has spent a lot of time at Fox High over the years meeting lots different people and making many new memories.

“I like how we all pull together to help people when we need to and we support each other and it’s just a really nice big family that I’ve inherited in 20 years,” Mrs. Owens-Skaggs said.

Even though Mrs. Owens-Skaggs will be leaving, she will always be apart of the Fox High School family. But, her plans for retirement do include lots of family time.

“My husband and I are moving back to Muskogee. My parents bought a farm when I was four years old. So, we are moving back there, building us a house and I will be out there with my sister and my nephews and their wives and my great nephews and nieces,” Mrs. Owens-Skaggs said.