History Returns


Senior Ian Hufford is presented with a plaque from Principal Joseph Salsman. Photo by Dakota Stout

Elissa Kratz, Staff Writer

The crowds of students roared on the night of October 19, 2018, not only for the big game, but for the letters that have cemented themselves into school history forever.

Senior Ian Hufford put in over 800 hours into remaking the FOX letters by the track. The letters had been removed in 2012 after the construction on the track and Hufford wanted to help bring the historic letters back.

“I know the principal, Mr. Salsman, always wanted this done,” Hufford said. “He’s told me about it so I finally took it up with him and ended up doing it.”

Hufford completed the letters on October 8, 2018. With the completion of the letters, he would finally have achieved yet another requirement to become an Eagle Scout.

“[To be an Eagle Scout] you have to go through a lot of merit badges which are classes for different things. It takes you a long time. Eagle Scout is the highest tier of boy scouts,” Hufford said.

Many students, staff, and parents were excited to see the letters back and school and expressed their pleasure during the big reveal.

“It was actually really cool, it was unbelievable,” Hufford said.”

— Ian Hufford

“I never thought in a million years that everyone would be clapping and looking at me.”

The recreation of the FOX letters is most certainly something to be proud of, but Hufford is most proud of what they will represent.

“I’m mostly proud to see the school history and I get to provide that for everybody else,” Hufford said.

With such a grand project, one can expect that challenges will surface as progress is being made.

“So one of the challenges was definitely the type of grass. That’s something I did not research. Usually in your Eagle project you have to research everything and that was one of the things I did not think of,” Hufford said. “It’s called zoysia and it’s really thick, viney grass and it spreads like crazy. With it being so thick, it was so hard for me to get through the grass and get to the dirt. With that came a lot of problems because a lot of our tools did not work and it took us a whole entire week just to get the whole area dug out.”

Many people helped Hufford along his journey of creating such an iconic part of not only our school’s history, but a memory for students and staff who work and study at Fox High School.

“First, I had my family, they’re always helping provide stuff and bring stuff and transportation. And then, I got my troop, 557. They have helped me the most, more than anybody. They helped me with tools, knowledge, the actual physical labor,” Hufford said. “Also, I would want to say thanks to my church, because with religion being involved I don’t think I could have done it without them. That’s what gave me the hope and the courage and the fact that it kept making me push and keep going.”

Troop 557 stands proudly behind the FOX sign after over 800 hours of hard work. Photo by Dakota Stout