A Night in the Spotlight

Elissa Kratz, Staff Writer

The audience is bustling with energy as the lights dim in Rickman and they excitedly wait for the presentation of this year’s fall play. The presentation of Radium Girls is about to start, a play that has been in progress for months.

All hands are on deck as the play is about to start and the actors wait for their cues. Acting is an important role in the success of a play which many students enjoy.

“I just like doing it,” sophomore Aaron Mingo said.

For some, theater is a great way to try something new and put yourself out there.

“I finally get to do something I’ve wanted for years. I was scared to join theater, so it’s nice to get a somewhat decent role my first year,” senior Morgan Scott said. “It’s really nice to know that I stepped out of my comfort zone.”

Actors might feel more personal connections to the person they must portray on stage, which was the case for one actress.

“The father is going through a really hard time and I feel like my dad and I were there for each other a lot when either of us go through a hard time.,” sophomore Alliyah Ray said.

Many aspects go into the performance of a play, but one people don’t often see is what goes on backstage and before the play is performed. One such thing is costume designs.

“For costumes, we looked at 1920’s era clothing,” senior Charlie Vancil said. “We wanted to keep it close to the time-frame but also make it timeless so the so the play could develop from when the girls were young to when they are much older, while also staying old.”

A visual picture of a setting can immensely impact the overall performance and interpretation of the play, which is where the set designs come into play.

“[The set is] quick and you can flip it really fast,” Vancil said. “It’s kind of interpretive and the looseness of it goes with the timeless aspect of the play.”

From the lights to the music, the tech crew plays a big role in the overall success of a performance.

“Last year I ran tech and I really enjoyed doing lights and sound for Elf: The Musical. It was a really great experience,” junior Milo LaCroix said. “It’s painting the sets and seeing it all play out. It just makes it all worth it when you see the show come together and you think, ‘oh, that’s my work.’”

One thing is for sure, a lot of hard work has gone into producing the best play possible by not only the students but the director as well.

“Trying to have as many rehearsals as we can, making sure that everyone knows how important the play is,” Mrs. Holland Doherty said. “It’s a very moving story so we are trying to portray that on stage and make sure the actors understand that is one of the ways that I have tried to make it the best it can be.”