Fox Talent Show 2018

Gabrielle Isaacson (11) sings Screw Loose from the Broadway musical Cry-Baby

Gabrielle Isaacson (11) sings “Screw Loose” from the Broadway musical Cry-Baby

Kathryn Rorie, Staff Writer

The Fox High School talent show took place on September 26, 2018. It consisted of many acts, such as vocal acts, improv acts, clarinet acts, and more.

One of the first acts to go on was Allyson Monroe(11) and Uyentam Nguyen (11). Nguyen played the piano while Monroe sang “Creep” by Radiohead. Before the show, Nguyen expressed some of the things going through her mind.

“I’m a little nervous,” Nguyen said. “This is the first time I’ve been in the talent show in front of a large audience. I’m just excited to be performing with Allyson and doing what I love.”

Later, Lilly Cole, 10, and Melisa Grabic, 12, performed. Cole played the guitar while Grabic sang “The Only Exception” by Paramore. Neither of them has participated in the talent show before.

“[I] saw the opportunity and said now is the time,” Cole said. “Just being able to perform. It’s one of my favorite things.”

“[I] always wanted to do it, even when I was younger,” Grabic said. “[I’m] excited about being up there with Lilly and performing.”

Afterward, they both said they were nervous about going on, but that faded away when they saw friends in the audience. They were also worried about how their performance would go. Grabic said she was most afraid of forgetting the lyrics. They said they only wished to have changed a few small things.

“If I had a [guitar] strap, I’d be so much more energetic,” Cole said. Grabic said she would be less nervous if she did it again.

Later into the night, senior James Woolston and junior Emmitt Rodgers put on their ad-lib improv act. They had previously asked students to fill in the blanks for their script. Their act received lots of laughs and came in third place overall.

Second place was awarded to Ashley Slattery, 9, who performed a vocal solo.

First place was won by junior Gabrielle Isaacson, who sang “Screw Loose” from the Broadway musical Cry-Baby. At the beginning of her performance, the microphone malfunctioned, and she continued singing nevertheless. After a few seconds, however, the problem was fixed. She said she the only thing she would’ve changed about the performance was that she wished that the microphone would have been fixed. Other than that, she was happy with her performance.

“[I felt] really, really good,” Isaacson said about discovering that she had won. “[I’m] happy because I’ve never won first place. Everybody did good and I didn’t expect it.”

Senior Hazel Shipley, who played a clarinet solo to Scherzo, won the People’s Choice Award. She chose to participate in the talent show because she had done it last year and “wanted to enter my senior year with a bang.” Shipley added that if she had the opportunity, she would do it again.

“I really love playing the clarinet and doing it makes me extremely happy.” Playing by myself or in an ensemble is just what I enjoy doing and I want to do it for the rest of my life. I was really happy with what I did.”

Another performance was done by freshman Oliver Wajda, who played the piano by ear to the song “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith.

Before his performance, he explained how he felt about doing his performance by ear.

“You can hit a lot of wrong notes,” Wajda said. “I’ve been practicing by ear for a few months. It’s really hard. I have done recitals on piano, but no full-on performances without sheet music. I’m just excited about the opportunity to perform in front of people, even if it’s not that many.”

Afterward, he said that if he were less nervous, he believes he would’ve missed fewer notes. He also said that he would definitely do the talent show again because he “loves performing even if it’s stressful.”

“I always enjoy performing because of the rush of adrenaline,” Wajda said.

Mr. Brown, athletic director of Fox High School, hosted the talent show for the second time and even sang a little. He had small interviews with people after their performances and even played a round of ‘Spill Your Guts or Fill your Guts’ with students in between performances. Mr. Brown also appeared in the premiere of Fox High School Carpool Karaoke.  

The talent show consisted of many more performances and was judged by Lilly Pribish, Ethan Kovalenko, Randall Johnson, and Mrs. Stephanie Starkey. The Talent show committee consisted of Mady Kleinschrodt, Liv Lindner, and Evelyn Moshi.