Martin Makes it to State Again


Amie Martin(12) races hard at her cross country meet

Kathryn Rorie, Staff Writer

Fall sports have been coming to an end as the winter sports begin. One of those sports is cross country, and one of the runners on the team, Amie Martin, 12, advanced to state.

Martin runs cross country in the fall and track in the spring. Martin said has been running “since fourth grade. So almost eight years.”

Martin’s first inspiration to run was her mom.

“She started running a little bit before I did,” Martin said. “I saw her running and I was like ‘I want to kind of be like you’.”

Martin made it to state last year for cross country and her sophomore year for the two-mile in track. Martin said she was happy with how she did. She placed 31st and was only six places from obtaining a medal.

Martin has worked hard over the past couple years to keep advancing to state.

She said she’s been working to go to state “since sophomore year during cross country when I made it to sectionals because it became very real to me, like, that it could actually happen.”

Martin said she is planning on running in college as well.

“I’m in the process of committing to Concordia University in Nebraska,” Martin said.

Martin said a piece of advice she would give to new runners is that “It’s gonna hurt, It’s gonna suck, but you keep going and it gets better.”

Martin said her coaches have given her a lot of advice throughout her time running and said they give a lot of encouragement.

“There’s so many things my coaches have told me in the past,” Martin said. The best piece of advice she’s been given is “probably something along the lines of ‘You can’. That’s always one of the best things you can hear.”

For Martin, balancing school and running hasn’t been too hard once she really got used to it.

“You have to find a balance,” Martin said. “You’ve got to figure out what works for you. You eventually get used to it though. You just have to be willing to put in the effort.”

Martin said the hardest part of running for her has been “trying to get better because in the early moments when you’re not doing so hot, you feel pretty low but as you put in the work and as you try and try and see yourself improve it all becomes worth it.”