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Recovering from 0-11

Varsity Assistant Coach Jeffrey Thurman

Jason Kuhn

Varsity Assistant Coach Jeffrey Thurman

Jason Kuhn, Staff Writer

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How does a team recover from an eleven game losing streak? That’s exactly what I asked varsity soccer assistant head coach Jeffrey Thurman. “That’s where coach and I, we’re talking, and working on always trying to do more shots and get shots, and just practicing different things,” Thurman said.

Not only were they losing these games, for five games in a row they didn’t score a single goal. They were shut out by Marquette, Oakville, Windsor, Lafayette, Alton Marquette, Washington, and Liberty.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re winning or losing, we still know if there is certain stuff we need to be working on.” Some varsity players are freshmen and hopefully, this future-minded thinking will help the rest of this season and next season.”So, we still have a young team with most of our guys… we’re not only working on stuff for this year but for next year too,” Thurman said.  “We’re kind of building. Even though we had a bad streak, we still play Seckman, we still have our district playoffs, and our senior night… We’re practicing hard.”

The losing streak was broken on September 25 against Hancock with a 3 to nothing win.  

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Recovering from 0-11